Year of acquisition
Former use
Hydrocarbon stock
0.9 Ha
10,000 sqm

The former waste treatment platform

The acquisition of this 0.9 Ha site took place in July 2014. The management team formalized an agreement with the last operator of the site, SITA, exonerating Ginkgo from any liability relating to pollutants that may have migrated off-site, and waiving any recourse against the building rights associated with the site in exchange for the purchase and the remediation of the site by Ginkgo.


Hydrocarbons, whose presence were locally detected down to a depth of 6 metres, represented the most significant part of soil pollution. A surface mixture of hydrocarbons and PCBs was also dispersed on the site, as well as inert waste and pockets of heavy metals.

A partnership with a local real estate developer was secured in order to develop a 10'000 sqm high quality residential development comprising 46 social and 50 market-rate housing units. The project will be finalized at the end of 2020.

Geographic location

Geographic location

45.913744, 6.113854

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